The Application for the 2023-2024 Academic Year will become available in January.  Please check back then. 

Meanwhile, please read the information below in advance to familiarize yourself with the process.  

Please read these instructions carefully before creating your account and starting an application.

The applicant must be a senior in High School or an undergraduate attending an accredited, non-proprietary college or university and a resident of the Greater Cincinnati area unless otherwise specified in the scholarship description in the list of scholarships

All the scholarships we administer are for students pursuing their undergraduate degree.  Priority is given to those pursuing their first undergraduate degree.

Correspondence throughout the application process will be through email using the email address entered on your application. 

High School Seniors:  Do not use the email assigned to you by your high school since it will expire when you graduate.  

The following documents are required to complete your application:

  • Your transcript up to the first semester of the current academic year
  • Your resume‘ (to reflect extracurricular activities, employment and community service)
  • Your 2022-2023 Student Aid Report (SAR) in its entirety
  • Your 2022-2023 Financial Aid Award Notification from the college you have chosen to attend.  This document lists all the aid you have been offered, including loans.  
We understand that the SAR and the Financial Aid Notification may not be available by the deadline. You may “submit” the application without these documents and upload them after the deadline. However, your application will be considered incomplete until they are uploaded. Your application will be reviewed when all required documents have been uploaded.

Please upload these documents to your application in a PDF or JPG file format. The CSF reserves the right to delete unnecessary documents. You will be notified if additional documents such as an essay and/or a letter of recommendation are required for a particular scholarship for which you might be considered.

To start an application for a scholarship, please create an account here:   Register

When making changes in or uploading documents to your application, you must electronically “sign” your application each time to save those changes.

Feel free to email or call (513)345-6701 with your questions or concerns.

About the Awarding Process

No application will be reviewed until it is completed (please see above). 

Most scholarships are renewable. All of them have specific criteria. Students receiving renewable scholarships need to continue meeting the criteria of the award they are receiving in order to be renewed. Therefore those students must re-apply each year and submit the necessary documentation, proving their continued eligibility. Once these students have been renewed (or not), the Foundation will know what is available for distribution to new applicants. 

Obtaining the documents needed to complete the application, either new or renewal, can take time. Filing taxes, submitting the FAFSA, waiting for the schools to “package” a student’s financial aid or a busy summer schedule of work and vacation can all delay the process. That is why the awarding of our scholarships takes place from mid-summer to well after the school year begins. 

You will be notified only if you are awarded. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding!


Questions? Send an email to or call (513)345-6701.


Records Retention Policy:

Once submitted, the application and all required documents become the property of the Cincinnati Scholarship Foundation and are subject to its Records Retention Policy.