Who may apply for these scholarships?
There are many different scholarships with varying criteria. Unless otherwise specified in the “List of Scholarships”, they are intended for students whose families reside in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Is there a deadline?
Yes, April 30th. Any application received after that date will not be considered. The application must be date-stamped or postmarked no later than April 30th.

I understand that you administer many different scholarships. How do I apply for all of them?
Only one application is required to be considered for all the scholarships we administer. We take the information you provide on the application and try to match it with a scholarship.

What are the criteria for your scholarships?
Most of our scholarships are need-based. There are a few that are not. In addition to being need-based, some scholarships seek candidates who meet gender, ethnicity, school, major, or athletics requirements, to name a few.

May I go to any school?
You may attend the college or university of your choice as long as it is an accredited, and not-for-profit.

Do I need to be full-time?
Yes, these scholarships require full-time attendance (12 credit hours or better).

When will I find out if I qualify?
The awarding process takes place over the summer and sometimes goes into the school year. Current recipients who have applied to renew their scholarships have first consideration. When the renewal process is complete, we’ll then know what is available for distribution to new applicants. Awarding begins around the first of the summer and goes on until all the money has been distributed.

Why do I need my own email address?
Our application system software uses an email address to create a unique user login experience for each applicant. In order to keep your application from getting confused with those of other or past applicants, it is important to use a unique email when signing up for an application account. If you need an email address and do not currently have one, please consider the many free email services available, such as Gmail by Google, Yahoo! Mail, Outlook by Microsoft, Mail.com, and many others.